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Organizational Development
Organizational Development practices utilized by HOPS International, LLC provides our clients with an assurance that they can be prepared to take on the challenges of delivering sustainable results against defined business goals and strategies in an ever increasing competitive environment.  We believe that a deliberate strategic alignment approach is best for the changing and challenging environment of the 21st century.  Our Organizational Development focus provides a truly holistic and integrated approach through a process we call Vision-to-Results Strategic Alignment.  

Strategic Alignment is not a one-time event or a program. Strategic Alignment is a deliberate leadership process that builds employee commitment and connection to the organization’s business strategies while ensuring that employees understand how to contribute towards achievement of any strategy and they willingly do so.  Strategy can refer to any single or combined planned change made and specific actions taken to enable an organ
ization to fulfill its intended objectives.  It may include any combination of the following:
  • Reach its Vision and/or fulfill its Mission
  • Achieve defined business strategies & goals
  • Create, increase, or maintain market share
  • Build customer & employee loyalty
  • Create strategic alignment through active employee engagement
  • Improve operational performance
Today any business strategy must be management’s total game plan for strengthening the organization’s position, pleasing employees and customers, and achieving balanced yet sustainable performance outcomes – whatever they may be.  Our distinctive approach to effective and sustainable Organizational development results is driven by application of the following model:

While we offer the full spectrum of Organizational Development interventions and practices, our current strategic alignment initiatives include the following:

1.    Cultural Performance Assessment & Improvement®
2.    Leadership Competency Assessment & Development Profile®
3.    Dynamic Leadership Competency Development Program®
4.    Workforce Capacity Planning®

Please contact us for more information on these Organizational Development initiatives:


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