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Strategic Partnerships
HOPS International LLC is proud to partner with those organizations that exemplify high-performance and focused client service.  Towards this goal, we are currently engaged as strategic partners with the following key organizations:

  Vistalogix Corporation

Since 2003, Vistalogix's assortment of web-based portal products has been bringing enterprise-class technology to within reach of any size organization. Vistalogix has helped organizations in government, non-profit and the private sector streamline processes, improve their bottom line, and operate more efficiently.

Employers Association Forum, Inc.

Employers Association Forum, Inc. (EAF) is a non-profit corporate membership-based association dedicated to serving the business and Human Resource community with world-class HR Tools, Hotlines & Legal Compliance, News & Trends, Training Products & Services, Human & Organizational Development Consulting, and Leadership & Organizational Development.


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